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iDatalink ADS HRN-RR-GM5+ Interface Harness Chime Speaker for select 2006-up GM


iDatalink's ADS HRN-RR-GM5+

This iDatalink ADS-HRN-RR-GM5+ harness from iDatalink allows you to connect a new car stereo in select 2006-up GM vehicles, working in conjunction with iDatalink's Maestro ADS-MRR module. Once connected, you'll retain the use of your steering wheel audio controls, your factory amp, and your safety warning chimes, along with OnStar® and factory Bluetooth, if present.

The package includes connectors that plug in between the Maestro module, your GM radio's wiring plugs, and your new car stereo. The harness now includes the option of speaker-level outputs to your amp via included plug-in adapters. You'll have to solder or splice together this harness's power/ground, illumination, speaker, and navigation output wires to the corresponding wires on your aftermarket receiver's wiring harness. The package also includes a plug-in remote speaker which reproduces all factory warning chimes and turn signal clicks.

Keeping your factory features with an iDatalink-ready car stereo

If you're buying a compatible iDatalink-ready car stereo , you'll enjoy the outstanding performance of your receiver, plus seamless touchscreen control over most of the factory features in select GM-built vehicles. You'll also be able to display engine performance data and other vehicle info on your receiver's screen.

Installation note: This interface harness must be used with the iDatalink Maestro ADS-MRR to connect a new car stereo to your GM vehicle.

Product highlights:

allows installation of a new receiver in select GM vehicles (also requires the Maestro ADS-MRR module)

retains the use of your steering wheel audio controls, OnStar, safety warning chimes, and your factory amp

displays engine performance data on touchscreen with select Alpine, JVC, Kenwood and Pioneer receivers

warranty: 1 year


GM vehicle harness (for use with Maestro RR interface)

High-level front speaker harness

Low-level front speaker harness

High-level rear speaker harness

Low-level rear speaker harness

Camera/Sub/Center RCA harness

Warning chime module

4-Pin connector

Vehicle Compatibility:


2008-16 Enclave (Base)

2006-11 Lucerne (Base)


2006-11 DTS (Base)

2007-11 Escalade (Base)

2012-14 Escalade (w/o Factory Nav)


2007-11 Avalanche (Base)

2012-13 Avalanche (w/o Factory Nav)

2007-09 Equinox (Base)

2008-16 Express 1500 (Base)

2008-16 Express 2500 (Base)

2014-16 Express 3500 (Base)

2006-13 Impala (Base)

2006-07 Monte Carlo (Base)

2007-11 Silverado 1500 (Base)

2012-13 Silverado 1500 (w/o Factory Nav)

2007-11 Silverado 2500 (Base)

2012-14 Silverado 2500 (w/o Factory Nav)

2007-11 Silverado 3500 (Base)

2012-14 Silverado 3500 (w/o Factory Nav)

2007-11 Suburban (Base)

2012-14 Suburban (w/o Factory Nav)

2007-11 Tahoe (Base)

2012-14 Tahoe (w/o Factory Nav)

2009-16 Traverse (Base)


2007-14 Acadia (Base)

2008-16 Savana 1500 (Base)

2015-16 Savana 2500(Base)

2015-16 Savana 2500(w/o Factory Nav)

2014-16 Savana 3500(Base)

2012-13 Sierra 1500 (w/o Factory Nav)

2012-14 Sierra 2500 (w/o Factory Nav)

2012-14 Sierra 3500 (w/o Factory Nav)

2007-11 Sierra (Base)

2007-11 Yukon (Base)

2007-11 Yukon XL (Base)

2012-14 Yukon XL (w/o Factory Nav)

2012-14 Yukon (w/o Factory Nav)


2008-09 H2 (Base)


2007-10 Outlook (Base)


2007-10 XL-7 (Base)

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