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Idatalink,ADS-MRR-2 Advanced Car Radio Replacement Interface

Advanced Radio Replacement Interface, Enabling Bluetooth Programming For Ios & Androids

Maestro RR2 adds built-in Bluetooth. Like the original RR, installers must flash the device, or download software to match

the car model. With the new Bluetooth version, the installer may flash the device wirelessly from a smartphone.

He no longer needs to be tethered to a computer.

Additionally, the new RR2 allows Kenwood radios to act as the readout screen for two ESCORT radar detectors:

the iX Ci custom-installed detector and the portable MAX Ci. Drivers can receive alerts and adjust radar settings through the car radio.

(The original RR works with K40 detectors).

The RR2 has three programmable outputs so it is able to link side cameras into the turn signals of new cars to add blind spot detection.

It can also trigger LED lighting so, a lightbar might be controlled by a steering wheel button.

RR2 has the ability to work with 2018 and newer vehicles with a gateway at the OBD2, including Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles.

The device is backwards compatible with earlier aftermarket radios that worked with the original RR and it will work with all existing T-harnesses.


iDatalink plus VW

iDatalink's HRN-RR-VW2 interface harness allows you to connect an iDatalink-ready car stereo in select 2016-up

Volkswagen vehicles, working in conjunction with iDatalink's Maestro ADS-MRR module. Once connected,

you'll retain the use of your steering wheel audio controls in these vehicles. You'll also gain the ability to

assign secondary functions to your steering wheel audio controls.

The package includes connectors that plug in between the Maestro module, your Volkswagen's radio's wiring plugs,

and your new car stereo. You'll have to solder or splice together this harness's power/ground, illumination, speaker,

and navigation output wires to the corresponding wires on your aftermarket receiver's wiring harness.

It also provides the navigation outputs you'll need if you're connecting a multimedia receiver.

Extra functionality

Once the new receiver has been installed, you'll be able to set up gauges on its screen to monitor engine performance,

tire pressure, and other functions. You can even send navigation information from your new

receiver to the multi-function display in your VW's instrument cluster.

Installation note: The HRN-RR-VW2 harness must be used with the

iDatalink Maestro ADS-MRR module to connect a new car stereo to your Volkswagen vehicle.

Product highlights:

allows installation of a new iDatalink-ready receiver in select Volkswagen vehicles (also requires the Maestro ADS-MRR module)

retains the use of your steering wheel audio controls

displays engine performance data and other vehicle data on touchscreen

displays radar info onscreen with select radios and detectors

warranty: 1 year