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PYLE PLCM18SC License Plate Mount Rear View Backup Color Camera Distance Scale

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PYLE PLCM18SC License Plate Mount Rear View Backup Color Camera Distance Scale


· SLIM BAR CAMERA: It is a compact and slim bar camera size so once you flush mount or bracket mount it, you will forget it’s there! The camera is in a unique zinc metal chrome, a light reflective color that fits well with many cars’ exteriors

· MARINE GRADE WATERPROOF: Pyle license plate adjustable camera features IP67 high waterproof level. This means the camera would never be fogged or wet even in a storm or bad rainy day. Built-in fog resistance, and excellent low lux performance

· DISTANCE SCALE LINES: A wired rear view backup camera that features an accurate distance scale line display for proper parking and reversing without relying on side mirrors alone. The product includes all necessary installation cables/wires

· 420 TVL RESOLUTION: Pyle license plate camera features low lux light performance, true color reproduction, and 420 TVL horizontal resolution. It works in a variety of weather conditions with an auto white balance and image adjustment

· RCA OUTPUT: This camera also features RCA video output for connecting to other source inputs. Use your camera with a rear view mirror monitor, an existing in-dash TV, DVR, or any RCA-compatible video input. It includes 17-foot male-to-male RCA cable

License Plate Mount Rear View Backup Parking Reverse Camera

Built-in Distance Scale Lines, Night Vision Waterproof Cam - Silver Zinc-Chrome

The Pyle PLCM18SC License Plate Mount Rear View Backup Parking Reverse Camera mounts easily above your license plate. The system is compatible with a wide range of display screens and monitors that enables you to see everything behind you in video form. Perfect for backing into tight spots or moving in reverse when visibility is limited, providing exceptional parking assistance. Additional features include night vision low light LEDs, which illuminate the area behind you in dark areas or at night. This small and durable camera housing is weatherproof and will provide an extra set of eyes when on the road.

Night Vision Camera

The PLCM18SC features night-vision LED lights, which light up the area around your camera, helping you see easier in the dark and you'll be able to see everything behind you on the screen.

Weather Resistant

Your camera is protected from the elements since it's built with weather protected housing. That way you can drive safely no matter the weather. It outputs crystal clear video over an RCA jack.

Distance Scale Line Display

Built-in distance scale lines. Perfect for parking, reversing, depth perception, IR Led lights for illumination and night vision. The camera acts like a third eye hovering just above your rear bumper.

Easy Installation

The PLCM18SC can be installed easily on your existing license plate mounting locations, and is suitable for both top as well as bottom mount on the license plate. Connect it to a monitor in your car.


· Marine Grade Camera Construction

· Waterproof & Fog Resistant (IP67 Rating)

· Low Lux Light Performance (0.2 LUX)

· Built-in Distance Scale Lines

· Preferably Mounted Above the Rear License Plate

· Tilt Adjustable Camera Lens Angle

· 420 TVL Horizontal Resolution

· True Color Reproduction

· Total Pixels: 656 x 492

· Resolution: 420 TV Lines

· Wide Viewing Angle: 170 Degree

· Auto White Balance

· Video Output: 1.0V PP-75 Ohm

· Power Supply: DC 12V 200mA

· 17 Foot male to male RCA Video Cable

· Includes All Necessary Installation Cables/Wires

· Dimension: 10.0''W x 1.3''H x 1.26''D

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