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ACOUSTIMAX BBE Acoustic Instrument Preamp Pedal NEW

by BBE
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Acoustic Instrument Preamp Pedal
  • Take the Stage with great Plugged-in Tone
The BBE Acoustimax acoustic instrument preamp takes the plugged-in sound of your instrument to the next level. This flexible preamp also serves as a direct box, so it's a useful stage box for virtually any instrument. You get a 3-band EQ for tone shaping, and a low-frequency notch filter to fight feedback-causing frequencies. The Acoustimax is built tough in true BBE fashion, so you know you can count on it onstage. Best of all, the Acoustimax features BBE's acclaimed Sonic Maximizer technology, so you can add some sparkle and pizazz to spice up your tone. If you want a great plugged-in acoustic sound with plenty of tone-shaping capability, get the BBE Acoustimax acoustic instrument preamp.
  • Powerful EQ:
BBE's Acoustimax gives you two powerful EQ tools to enhance your tone. You get a 3-band EQ with a sweepable midrange to fine-tune your sound. One you're dialed in, you can use the low-frequency notch filter to keep feedback at bay - you'll still get amazing tone, and low frequencies won't cause your instrument to start moaning like a banshee.

  • Built-in Sonic Maximizer:
BBE's Sonic Maximizer technology has been a favorite tool for everything from adding spice to a solo to brightening up an instrument with dull strings. Thanks to the Acoustimax's built-in Sonic Maximizer, you'll have yet another tool to customize your acoustic tone.
  • Road ready:
The BBE Acoustimax is built tough so you won't hesitate to take it on the road with you. And with the feedback-fighting notch filter and balanced DI output with signal pad, the Acoustimax is ready to be your go-to preamp for live use with any acoustic-electric instrument.

Frequency response
  • 50Hz to 20kHz
  • Treble ±12dB 10kHz
  • Mid ±12dB 400kHz to 2.5kHz
  • Bass ±12dB 60kHz
  • Notch 0 to -12dB 70Hz to 250kHz
  • L o Contour: +15dB 50Hz
  • Process: +15dB 10kHz
Maximum output
  • +10dBu instrument jack
  • Instrument jack: -98dBv (unity gain)
  • L ine out: -88dBv (+10dB gain)
Total harmonic distortion (THD)
  • 0.05% 1kHz
  • Input: 2.2M Ohm
  • Tuner out: 2k Ohm
  • Line out: 1k Ohm
  • Instrument out: 2k Ohm
  • XLR out: 600 Ohm (* 0dBu=0.775Vrms)
Power requirements
  • DC inlet +12 VAC min. 200ma
  • A rugged preamp/DI with stage-friendly features like 3-band EQ, Sonic Maximizer, and TRS effects loop
  • Low-frequency notch filter helps you tame feedback on-stage
  • Built-in Sonic Maximizer lets you add sparkle and excitement to any instrument
  • Built-in effects loop makes it easy for you to customize your signal chain
  • Maximum flexibility with separate outputs for DI, Line Out, Effects Loop, and Tuner
  • Three band, recording-console quality eq with a sweepable mid-range band
  • Low-frequency notch filter
  • Phase reversal
  • Ground lift
  • Line level out
  • Dedicated tuner out
  • TRS effects loop
  • Pre/post switchable-balanced DI output with pad
  • Hardwire bypass
  • Non-slip rubber bottom12v power supply included
  • Recording studio
  • Live concerts