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AUTOTEK 7007 Autotek Half-DIN 4-Band 2-Way Equalizer/Crossover BRAND NEW

by Autotek
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AUTOTEK(R) 7007 Autotek(R) Half-DIN 4-Band 2-Way Equalizer


4-Band Equalizer with Built-In 2-Way Crossover by Autotek®. This product is meticulously engineered to help

you fine tine the stereo system of your vehicle to your personal preferences. So, if you want to get more than

just much bass and volume from an amplifier and subwoofer, this product is a must. Made using innovative

technologies and packed with advanced features, it ensures excellent performance and reliable operation

for many years ahead.


Tuning the audio system can be as critical as tuning the fuel map in an ECU when trying to squeeze more

power from the motor. The Autotask 7007 Half-DIN 4-Band 2-Way Equalizer/Crossover can be installed up

front for quick control of master and sub volume along with equalization for real time tuning that is critical if

your system will be playing many styles and genres of music. It is perfect for add-on MPS players and has

a built-in 9-volt line driver. Plus the selectable blue or red illumination adds a cool glow to the front.


4-Band EQ: Yes

Line Driver: Yes

Master Volume Control: Yes

Subwoofer Control: Yes

Dual Amp Fader: Yes

Level Adjust: No

Equalizer Type: Graphic

Audio Inputs: 2 inputs with level matching

Audio Outputs: 3 sets of RCA composite outputs

Crossover: High-pass front and rear crossover

Mono/Stereo: Selectable Mono or Stereo operation

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