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Fortin FLASHLINK Firmware update tool for Windows

by Fortin


Firmware update tool for Windows

If you're going to use a Fortin EVO-ALL or EVO-ONE universal data bypass module in your remote start system,

you'll need their FLU-100.2 updater to flash it for your specific vehicle. And for those of who like to keep their systems

at the cutting edge, you can use the FLU-100.2 to update your remote start system with the latest software as new

versions become available from Fortin.

The FlashLink Updater device allows you to update the firmware on your Fortin

bypass modules and remote-starters in a matter of seconds using the Fortin FlashLink

Manager software for Windows

The FlashLink Updater will work with modules that have bar codes stamped on the label

and will allow you to upgrade/downgrade the firmware version on any of our supported modules

through a USB cable, PC and Internet connection.

Product Features:

On-board status LEDs

User friendly interface

DCryptor capability

Internet updatability

FlashLink Updater module supplied with USB-C cable and detailed installation instructions

Ability to update Fortin 2-Way data modules with the bar-code to any vehicle specific firmware

Includes Windows drivers (98/2000/XP)

Compatible with PC and an internet connection

Customization features and module options directly from the FLASH-LINK Manager menu

Simple point-and-click enable or disable functionality

Access installation guides directly from the FLU menu

No internet required to disable or enable features in the options menu

Product Specifications

The user can disable the following features enabled by default:

Door Locks

Trunk Release

Key Bypass

Heated Seats & Rear Defrost

Foot-Brake Output

Hand-Brake Output

Door Trigger

Trunk Trigger

Hood Trigger

Auxiliary 1

Auxiliary 2

The user can enable the following features disabled by default:

Unlock/Lock (disarm factory OEM alarm)

Unlock drivers door priority only

Aftermarket alarm control via OEM remote

Engine-Start via OEM remote by pressing 3x lock

Enable RF kit functionality by brand

Enable EVO-ALL alarm features

Parts included

Flash Link Updater 2.0 module

48" USB cable (Type A USB on one end and Type B USB on other end)

22" Data-Link cable (4-pin plugs at both ends)

User Guide


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