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JVC CW-DRA8 250 Watts 8" DRVN Series Compact Powered Car Audio Subwoofer System

by JVC

DR Series
8" Compact Powered Subwoofer

Powered subwoofer with space-saving enclosure

8" shallow-profile woofer

150 watt RMS Class D amplifier (250 watts peak)

low-pass crossover variable from 50-125 Hz

frequency response: 35-150 Hz

dimensions: 13-3/4"W x 2-15/16"H x 9-7/16"D

warranty: 1 year

Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

JVC CW-DRA8 Owner's manual

Powered subwoofer

Power/signal wiring harness with 28" input cable (stereo RCA) / 16.25' power wire (14 AWG) /

5' ground wire (dual 18 AWG) / 16.25' turn-on lead (18 AWG)

10A ATO fuse in fuse holder (installed on power wire)

Remote control with 16.25' cable (RJ-45 plug)

14' Speaker input wires (male/female bullet connectors on one end and RCA plugs on other end)

2 Mounting brackets

Cable clamp

4 Self-tapping screws (M5 x 16mm)

4 Machine screws (M4 x 16mm)

2 Self-tapping screws (M3 x 10mm)

Adhesive backed hook-and-loop pad

Instruction Manual

Warranty Sheet (US)

European Guarantee sheet


The JVC drvn CW-DRA8 is an amplified subwoofer with a built-in Class D amplifier.

It contains an 8" cone woofer, which is driven by a 150-watt RMS (250W Max) amp. The acoustic

suspension (sealed) enclosure is compact enough to fit under the seat, behind the seat, or

in small storage compartments. The CW-DRA8 comes with a wired remote control to let you control

its volume, phase, and the frequency of the low-pass filter.


The CW-DRA8 features a specially designed acoustic suspension enclosure. It includes

a 7-1/2" metal mesh grille (non-removable) to protect the woofer.

Wired Control:

The active subwoofer comes with a wired remote control with a 16.25' cable. From

the control, you can set the volume, and vary the Frequency Control (of the built-in low pass filter)

from 50 Hz to 125 Hz. In addition, you can switch the phase of the woofer from 0°(normal) to

180° (reverse), if needed.


The CW-DRA8 comes with a single harness with power/ground/turn-on wiring

and RCA input connections. The harness has 16.25' lengths of 14-gauge power wire (with an in-line

10A ATO fuse) and 18-gauge turn-on lead, plus a 5' dual 18-gauge ground wire. It also includes a

28" RCA input for connecting the subwoofer to an aftermarket stereo via RCA cables. A 14' speaker

input harness is provided for connecting the sub to a factory radio (or a radio without RCA outputs).

You can splice it to the head unit's speaker wires and plug it into the RCA input. An RJ-45 jack is

provided on the bottom of the subwoofer for plugging in the remote control cable.


The only controls for the DRA8 are located on the wired remote. The rotary volume control

(input sensitivity) lets you match the input of the subwoofer to the output of the head unit, and to control

the volume of the sub, relative to the other speakers in the system. The rotary frequency control

adjusts the cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter between 50Hz and 125Hz. If you have large main

speakers (6x9 or 6-1/2") in the vehicle, you can set the subwoofer's low pass filter near the 50Hz to

80Hz range. If the main speakers are smaller (4" or 5-1/4"), the low pass filter should be set in the

100Hz to 125Hz range.


The subwoofer comes with the hardware needed for installation. The enclosure installs

using two brackets (included) attached on opposite ends. The power, remote, and signal connections

are made in a recessed area on the bottom of the unit. The wires exit through a channel on the

side of the unit. The included cable clamp holds the power, remote, and signal wires in place as

they exit the channel.


Frequency Response: 35 Hz to 150 Hz

Sensitivity: 81 dB

Phase: 0° or 180°

Input Sensitivity (Line In): 125mV

Low Pass Filter: 50 Hz to 125 Hz

Power Output: 150 watts (RMS); 250 watts (Peak)

Current Consumption: 10A

Dimensions: Width 13.75", Height 2.973", Depth 9.456"

Weight: 9.3 pounds


Enclosure Type Sealed

Finish Material Aluminum

Grille Metal

Connector Type RCA

Bi-amp Inputs No

Woofer Size (inches) 8

Woofer Material

Passive Radiator ---

Width 13-3/4"

Height 3"

Depth 9-1/2"

Second Depth ---

Parts Warranty 1 Year

Labor Warranty 1 Year


Frequency Response 35-150

Amplifier Power (RMS) 150 watts

Maximum Wattage 250 watts

Sensitivity 81 dB

Impedance ---


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