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MULTIMIX8USBFX Alesis 8-Channel Mixer with Effects / USB Audio Interface -NEW

by Alesis
MULTIMIX8USBFX Alesis 8-Channel
Mixer with Effects / USB Audio Interface

MultiMix 8 USB FX features four XLR inputs with i
ndependent gain pots on channels 1-4.
These XLR inputs also have a switchable
phantom power option to accommodate
both dynamic and condenser microphones.
TRS Line inputs are also available
on all eight channels. New to the MultiMix 8
USB FX is a high-impedance input
on channel 2, which allows direct
connection of a guitar or bass; this is a
great convenience for singer/songwriters
looking to get a clean, "hot" signal.
A Tape RCA stereo input is also included
adding the ability to mix in audio
from other sources such as a CD or LP
player. Ideal for podcasting, livestreaming,
home recording or live use, MultiMix 8 USB FX
features onboard volume, pan, and
EQ controls (three-band with sweepable
parametric mids on channels 1 and
2, three-band on 3 and 4, two-band on 5 – 8) for
making quick, accurate adjustments
to your mix. The MultiMix 8 USB FX mixer
has a two-channel, five-stage, multicolor
LED meter for visual monitoring the main output
level. Channels 1 - 4 offer switchable
high-pass filtering at 80Hz to reduce low-frequency
rumble, handling, and wind noise.
For convenient stereo mixing and recording, channels 5/6 and 7/8 are
configured as a stereo pairs at the EQ, level and pan controls.

The MultiMix 8 USB FX contains a
complete USB recording interface.
Musicians and engineers can plug the
MultiMix 8 USB FX’s class-compliant
USB connection into their Mac or PC
without installing any software drivers
and enjoy a digital-direct stereo connection
with virtually any audio software application.
The MultiMix 8 USB FX enables a bidirectional
stereo signal path, so musicians
can record the stereo Main output into their
computer and listen back using the
mixer as an interface from software to
headphones and monitoring loudspeakers.
A number of key design improvements
are included on the MultiMix 8 USB FX.
Enlarged knob-to-knob spacing improves
ergonomics and ease-of-use.
The newly-designed mixer introduces a
sleek new appearance for the MultiMix
series and incorporates new, removable
end caps, which can be helpful for
squeezing the MultiMix 8 USB FX into
smaller spaces in tightly-packed setups.
In addition to its improved
signal-to-noise ratio, the new
mixer consumes 36% less power than its predecessor.

MultiMix 8 USB FX comes with high-quality
Alesis DSP effects that include spacious
reverbs, delays, phasers and much
more. For lush mixes, the internal effects
processors enables you to add extra depth to
live sound--like a long delay on the vocalist's
channel--or beef up dry recordings with some extra ambiance.
Now you can use professional audio
effects with your mixer whether you're
out mixing the live gig or at home recording at your desktop

Eight-channel mixer with
mic, line, and guitar-level inputs
16-bit, 44.1/48 kHz stereo USB output for
easy recording and playback from your computer
XLR inputs with gain trim, switchable
high-pass filters, and 48V phantom power
Works with iPad via Apple USB Adaptor (sold separately).
1/4-inch line-level inputs for instruments and
high-impedance guitar input for direct-connecting guitars
Powerful EQ: three-band with sweepable parametric mids
on channels 1 and 2, three-band on 3 and 4, two-band on 5 – 8
Built-in DSP effects with footswitch bypass
control and Aux buss for external processing
Multicolor LED metering for visual level feedback
Main and headphone outputs
with independent level controls
Class compliant, plug-and-play USB for
Mac and PC interface without installing driv
Software Suite Included
First Alesis Edition, AIR Mini
Grand, DB-33 and Eleven Lite

MultiMix 8 USB FX
USB Cable
Power Supply
Registration Card
Quickstart Guide
Safety and Warranty Manual