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Radio Wire Harness Interface Aftermarket Stereo Install AXXESS LC-GMRC-LAN-03

by Axxess
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The LC-GMRC-LAN-03 is designed to be used in nonamplified GM vehicles or in vehicles that the OEM amplifier has been bypassed; Onstar is not retained in either case.
The LC-GMRC-LAN-03 retains all the factory warning chimes that would be lost when the OEM radio is removed. It will also provide a 3 amp 12 volt switchedaccessory for proper radio operation, and retain the R.A.P.(Retained Accessory Power) feature if equipped.

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Vehicle Compatibility: The Axxess Integrate LC-GMRC-LAN-03 is designed for use in select 2006-2012 GM vehicles with non-amplified factory systems (or when replacing the factory amplified system) and without OnStar.

Make Model Year
Chevy Cobalt 2007-2010
HHR 2006-2011
Malibu 2008-2012
Pontiac G5 2007-2009
G6 2009*
G6 2010
Solstice 2006-2009
Saturn Aura 2007-2009
Sky 2007-2009

*The 5th digit of the 2009 G6's VIN must be a J, K, or L.

Retained Features: The LC-GMRC-LAN-03 provides +12V/3A accessory output, retains warning chimes, and retains R.A.P. (retained accessory power).

  • +12V Accessory Output: In many GM vehicles, there is no 12-volt accessory wire in the factory harness, which requires the installer to run an accessory wire to the fuse box or underneath the steering column when installing an aftermarket radio. The LC-GMRC-LAN-01 is designed to provide a 12V/3A switched accessory output (red wire).
  • Warning Chimes: The LC-GMRC-LAN-01 retains factory warning chimes through the use of an on-board speaker.
  • Retained Accessory Power (R.A.P.): The ignition power source of most GM vehicles keeps the radio on until one of the doors is opened. This feature is called the R.A.P. (retained accessory power). The LC-GMRC-LAN-01 is designed to retain this feature.

Wiring Harnesses: The main interface wiring harness has a white 4-pin female connector on one end and a black 14-pin male connector (9-pins present) on the other end. The 4-pin connector plugs into the LC-GMRC-LAN-03 and the 14-pin connector interfaces with the existing factory plug. The harness also includes 9 bare wires that will need to be hardwired to your new aftermarket radio's harness. There is an second wiring harness (rear speaker harness) with a 16-pin male connector (6-pins present) on one end and six bare wires on other end. The 16-pin connector plugs into your vehicle's factory radio plug, while the bare wires hard wire to your new radio.

Harness Type Wire Color Function
Main Interface Harness Red +12V Accessory
Yellow +12V Constant
Black Ground
White Left Front Speaker +
White/black Left Front Speaker -
Gray Right Front Speaker +
Gray/black Right Front Speaker -
Orange/white Illumination
Orange Not Used
Blue/pink Vehicle Speed Sense
Green/purple Reverse Gear
Light Green Parking Brake
Rear Speaker Harness Green Left Rear Speaker +
Green/black Left Rear Speaker -
Purple Right Rear Speaker +
Purple/black Right Rear Speaker -
Orange Dimmer
Blue Power Antenna

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