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Yamaha CM500 Closed Ear Headset w/built-in microphone w/ultra flexible headband

by Yamaha
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Yamaha CM500


20Hz-20kHz response

96 dB/mW sensitivity

Distortion <0.2%

9' cord w/1/8" plug

1/4" adaptor

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz

Impedance: 120 ohms

Sensitivity: 96dB/mW

Mic Range: 100 Hz - 20 kHz

Jacks: 1/8" and 1/4" adaptor

Yamaha CM500 Headset with Built-In Microphone

Combining closed-ear, noise-reducing headphones with a sensitive electric microphone, CM500 creates the ideal choice

for audience-interactive DJs or school music labs. Crafted with high-impact materials and an ultra flexible headband,

its solid construction withstands the repetitive twisting and hard use found in music labs and on the dance floor.

Great Ergonomics And Sound Quality

The ear is an instrument critically trained to demand perfection in sound reproduction, and musicians know that high-quality

headphones are a vital component of any music system. Yamaha's complete headphone line utilizes the latest in technology,

ergonomics, and sound quality for musical applications ranging from economy to the professional level.

Industry Standard

From music creation to music reproduction, Yamaha audio equipment has been recognized as the industry standard for more

than 30 years. Respected professionals depend on Yamaha to help them achieve incredible sound. Whether you are listening

to music on-the-go or in the studio creating the next big hit, demand perfection - we do.


  • 20 Hz - 20kHz frequency response

  • 100 Hz - 20 kHz mic range

  • 1/8&quot; plug and 1/4&quot; adaptor

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